LH-shanghai branch is an across strait architectural design company specializing in healthcare design(hospitals, senior care)( LH-Shanghai vs Taiwan UniArch).After over 10 years of efforts in mainland china, more than 50 3A great hospitals(equal to medical center in Taiwan)have been built in china. Shanghai branch has succeeded in obtaining the first and second prize of the first excellent hospital design, and completed projects also won 3 times of the National Engineering Silver prize, Luban prize China construction of several times and provincial design prizes. In 2013, it was shortlist in the future health project of world architect festival prize (only 3 in the world, Europe, America and Asia). LH is striving to lead the design of chinese hospitals to the world.

In addition, our team has accumulated profound design experience, combined with planning and preparations experience, 20 basis on large hospitals with more than 1000 beds, and with 70-than general hospitals, specialist hospitals and foreign private hospitals, which make us the professional leader in china hospital design. We hope to move forward in architectural design, with consciousness for interdisciplinary design integration, and the spirit of research and innovation, focus on the development of medical and health industry and gradually reach the world from cross-strait integration, to struggle to realize global specialization.